Predictors of malignancy in solitary nodule thyroid

Prasad Paul, Karatparambil Abid Ali, Mohammed Jasir


Background: Solitary nodule thyroid is one of the common surgical problems and incidence of malignancy is also high compared to multinodular goiter. If you can avoid aggressive surgery in benign cases, we can reduce the occurrence of complications. So it’s important to look for the malignant predictors. The aim of the study was to evaluate the malignant predictors in solitary nodule thyroid.

Methods: Total of 80 patients with solitary thyroid nodule were included in prospective study. The study was done from January 2015 to January 2016.

Results: Most of the malignant cases are occurring in females’ middle age group. Most common one found to be papillary. Experienced radiologist can clearly detect malignancy preoperatively. Most common finding in USS is solid internal architecture.

Conclusions: Solitary thyroid nodule is a common problem encountered in the surgical department and it has got a high malignant potential.


Carcinoma, Solitary nodule thyroid, USS thyroid

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