Published: 2022-06-27

A rare case of 5-mm trocar-site hernias after laparoscopy rectopexy requiring surgical repair

Bhopesh Kadian, Sanjeev Singla, Rohit Virmani, Garima Dwivedi


The 5 mm trocar-site hernia are very rare complication of laparoscopic surgery and surgeons usually avoid fascial closure at 5 mm trocar-site. We show a case of laparoscopic anterior rectomeshplasty with early omental herniation through a 5 mm trocar-site and surgical repair, as well as an advice on whether or not to undertake a fascial closure of the 5 mm trocar-site.


5 mm trocar hernia, Laparoscopy rectopexy, Rectal prolapse, Fascial closure

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