Published: 2021-12-28

Internal hernia through dual defects: defects in transverse mesocolon and lesser omentum a rare presentation: case report

Venu Bharagava Malpuri, Prasanth Gurijala, Bhaskar Reddy Yerrola, Krishna Ramavath, Gopisingh Lavudya


Internal hernias have the potential to cause small bowel obstruction. Congenital internal hernias are impossible to diagnose clinically and radiologically in asymptomatic patients. We presented a case of 36 years male with complaints of pain abdomen abdominal distension and vomiting, contrast-enhanced CT showed an internal hernia with small bowel obstruction. On exploration, small bowel loops were identified near the lesser curvature and they are congested an edema was present, a defect of 5×1 cm was identified in the transverse mesocolon and was managed by reducing the hernia sac and closure of the defect in the mesentery of the transverse colon. If the intervention was delayed internal hernia might lead to ischemia, gangrene increasing morbidity and mortality. Early intervention is the key to decrease morbidity and mortality. 


Internal hernia, Trans-mesenteric defect, Laparotomy

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