Published: 2016-12-14

Sural nerve schwannoma: a case report

Chandrakant R. Gharwade, Al-Iqyan Fidvi J., Ameya Bindu, Shamol Banerjee, Pranav G. Jawade


The differential diagnosis for a swelling on the posterior aspect of lower leg is very few. The least of all suspected is a Benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor that too a schwannoma. Though schwannomas can be found in any part of the body especially with a predilection for head and neck, on the contrary they are extremely rare in the extremities especially the lower extremity. Here we present one of the few cases of a solitary schwannoma, confirmed on Histopathology, arising from the sural nerve of the right leg which did not present with any other symptoms even though itself being of a considerable size. The tumor was successfully removed with no postoperative complications and recurrence on follow up.


Sural Nerve, Schwannoma, Asymptomatic, Solitary, Uneventful excision, No neurological deficit

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