A comparative study of the effect on healing of ulcer using silver dressing

Atul K. Khandelwal, Shivani Khandelwal, Jugal Kishor Yadav, Mukesh Sangwan


Background:Argentanon-N contact dressings composed of knitted fabrics covered with thin coat of silver compound it provides local broad spectrum antimicrobial coverage, fractional barrier to environment pathogen. It also assists in autolysis of necrotic tissue. The patients have less pain and contracture formation.

Methods: The study was carried out on 60 patients of all age group from 1 year to 80 year. Both male and female patients were included in the study ulcer of various size and all body sites were included in the study. All patients were randomly divided into two groups viz study group in whom silver dressings were applied and control group, in whom conventional dressings were applied. Majority of the ulcers were of four week’s duration in the study group as well as in the control group. Cases having diabetes mellitus and malignancy were also included in the study.

Results:No patient experienced pain on change of dressing in the study group as compared to most of the patients in the control group who experienced pain on change of dressing. In the study discharge from ulcer site had reduced with application of silver dressing as compared to conventional dressing .In the study group granulation tissue appeared earlier than in the control group. The patients in the study group were ready for skin grafting after 1 week whereas their counterparts could receive the same at the end of the second week. This is suggestive of granulation promoting activity of silver dressing. Rate of epithelialization over ulcer irrespective of age and type is more in the study group than control group. No adverse reaction was observed in study group. There was no mortality in the present series as in literature.

Conclusions:Silver dressing since it causes more rapid healing, promotes early appearance of granulation tissue, prevents development of infection and is comfortable to the patient being painless on change in all age groups and sex; irrespective of the type, size, site and duration of the ulcer and presence or absence of concomitant illness.


Wound, Ulcer, Silver dressing

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