Published: 2016-12-13

A case of hepatic cirrhosis combined with ascites and incarcerated hernia by preperitoneal approach repair through hernia sac top pathway

Juan Wang, Yanhui Zhu, Zhong Jia


The incidence of hernia is increased in patients with hepatic cirrhosis with ascites. But inguinal hernia with ascites is considered as surgical contraindication. Because there are many complications after surgery, such as hernia recurrence, feeling of swell in reparative area, incision fluid effusion. We report an 85 year-old Chinese male who presented to the emergency department with incarcerated inguinal hernia 9 hours. An urgent preperitoneal hernia repair by Hernia Sac Top pathway was performed. The surgery was successful and there were no complications occurred after the patient followed up 16 months. The novel approach was reliable and valuable. The report of the new approach should be encouraged.


Hernia sac top, Incarcerated hernia, Cirrhosis, Refractory ascites

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