Aspergilloma or intrapulmonary teratoma - time to rethink

Pratikshya Thapaliya, Fatima T. Ahmad, Ambreen Abid, Misauq Mazcuri, Nazish Sikander, Tanveer Ahmad, Nadir Ali


Intrapulmonary teratoma (IPT) is a rare type of extra gonadal germ cell tumor which can often be misdiagnosed due to its non-specific presentation. Complete surgical resection should be done because of its malignant potential. We report a case of 33 years old female previously treated as tuberculous osteomyelitis of sternum. She presented with chest pain and sudden hemoptysis. Based on the radiological picture she was diagnosed as complex aspergilloma of lung with a thick walled cavity. Hemoptysis was controlled with supportive management. On surgery right upper lobe was densely adherent to the anterior chest wall. Exploration of the cavity revealed a 6×4 cm whitish mass with non-pigmented hair. Right upper lobectomy and wide excision of the mass was performed. Histopathology was consistent with the diagnosis of IPT with no malignant cells.


Intrapulmonary teratoma, Aspergilloma, Hemoptysis

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