A surgeon’s perspective on resuming elective surgeries during COVID-19 pandemic: the new normal

Jesme A. Paul, Dhinesh Kumar Nagarajan, Boopathi Subbarayan, Tirouaroul Tirougnanassmbandamourty


Novel corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak was declared a pandemic on 10th March by World Health Organization (WHO) putting the entire health care system including medical and surgical care in deep crisis. All the resources and manpower are being diverted to tackle this rampant spread of COVID-19. The result of which, all elective surgical procedures are rescheduled to an extent of cancellation. This case series present 3 cases operated during the pandemic in a mannered clinical algorithm. In the light of underlying uncertainty, it is essential to resume elective surgeries with caution to prevent backlog and worsening of the disease.



Corona virus, COVID-19, Elective surgeries, The new normal

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