Assessment of colorectal cancer lifestyle risk factors distribution and colonoscopy utilization among a sample from the south of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh A. Hakami, Atheer I. Shahar, Sana A. Alharbi, Khadijah S. Aburasain, Atyaf A. Bakri, Fatimah M. Kaabi, Nouf A. Hakami, Ibrahim M. Gosadi


Background: To assess the distribution of colorectal cancer lifestyle risk factors, utilization of colonoscopy for colorectal cancer screening among a sample from Jazan region, Saudi Arabia.

Methods: Presented study was a case control study conducted in King Fahad central hospital and Prince Mohammad Bin Nasser hospital in Jazan region. This study involved three groups where patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer, their first degree relatives and patients visiting other clinics were recruited. Data was collected via a structured questionnaire including data about lifestyle factors associated with colorectal cancer, such as eating behaviour, physical activity level, tobacco product consumption, and khat chewing behaviour and data about utilization of colonoscopy for screening purposes.

Results: A total of 148 individuals participated in this investigation including 56 patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Fourteen colorectal cancer patients (25%) were diagnosed with the disease below the age of 50. Utilisation of colonoscopy was the lowest among the first degree relatives of the colorectal cancer patients. First degree relatives of the colorectal cancer patients had higher levels of body mass index, lower consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grain products and had higher levels of red meat consumption in comparison to participants in the other study groups.

Conclusions: The distribution of colorectal cancer risk factors among first degree relatives in our sample might indicate a need to target this group to increase awareness about the prevention of the disease and utilisation of screening services for colorectal cancer.



Colorectal cancer, Lifestyle, Colonoscopy, Screening, Saudi Arabia

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