A case report on chronic massive pre-patellar bursa

N. Venkatesh Kumar, V. Shyam Sundar, Saravana Ramu, V. Chandan Noel


Inflammation of the pre-patellar bursa results in bursitis that is trouble free in most of the instances. It is most commonly caused by trauma to the knee, either by a single instance or by repeated trauma over time. Often they are associated with minimal swelling, very rarely do they present with large cystic swelling. Here, we present a case report on a large pre-patellar bursa in an elderly gentleman. Operative excision of the bursa was done in view of a sudden increase in size and pain. The biopsy revealed features of chronic bursitis. He had no recurrence of swelling or wound complications at follow-up.


Pre-patellar bursa, Bursectomy, Knee bursa

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