Intraoperative decision preventing orchidectomy

Trupti Tonape, Virendra Athavale, Sree Kumar Balasubramanian, Shivamurti Khandalkar, Aditya Ghatnekar, Srilikhitha Koduru


Adenomatoid tumors are regarded as distinctive benign mesothelial neoplasms of the paratesticular region, most commonly occurring at the tail of the epididymidis. Because of its rarity, the clinical and histopathological aspects are discussed. We present the case of 40 years old male patient came to our OPD with complaints of left hemiscrotal swelling since 6 months duration. A clinical diagnosis of testicular neoplasm was made, but the final diagnosis of adenomatoid tumor was made after excision. Due to its low incidence in intrascrotal pathology, we believe it is important for the physician to be aware of this interesting entity in order to make a differential diagnosis from other inflammatory processes and to adopt the proper surgical approach.


Testis, Orchidectomy, Radical, Adenomatoid tumor, Benign, Malignant

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