Penile strangulation by a metal ring: an easy and unique thread method for removal of the ring

Kunj N. Vyas, Mehul I. Solanki


Penile incarceration is a rare but serious problem. Rapid treatment is necessary to prevent penile infarction. Glass bottles, metal rings, steel nuts and bull rings have been reported as constricting agents. Depending on the type of material, various tools such as diamond drills, bolt cutters and glass saws have been used to remove the objects. Penile strangulation by metal ring is a rare surgical emergency situation which requires urgent intervention to avoid vascular and urethral injury. It is usually associated with an attempt to improve sexual act and/or to prolong erection, psychosexual disorder. It is difficult to cut a metal ring as the edema was out of proportion and metal ring had made pressure ulcer at pen scrotal junction.  The treatment of penile strangulation is decompression of the constricted penis to facilitate free blood flow and micturition. It requires no particular skill but does require resourcefulness to perform the removal simply and effectively, and with as little discomfort for the patient as possible. Here, author presented a case of penile strangulation in which metal ring was removed by silk thread.


Metal ring, Penile strangulation, Silk thread

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