Large primary scrotal lipoma with particular presentation

Nicolae-Iustin Berevoescu, Sorin Stanilescu, George Halcu, Mihaela Berevoescu, Daniel Cristian


Scrotal lipomas are benign tumours rarely seen in clinical practice. They can mimic common affections such as an an inguinoscrotal hernia, varicocele, hydrocele or a testicular tumour. Thus, in many cases, physical examination leads to a correct diagnosis, there are situations that require comprehensive imagistic examinations, to establish the preoperatory nature of the scrotal tumour. A case of 64-year-old male, known with arterial hypertension and gonarthrosis, came to the hospital for a painless scrotal tumour with a fast growth rate in dimensions over the last year. Physical examination detected an elastic, painless, irreducible, irregularly shaped mass of a right scrotal region. The scrotal ultrasound revealed a heterogeneous hyperechoic solid mass with 10x8.1x8cm in dimensions, localized in the right scrotal region. The magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a globular shaped right scrotal tumour mass with well-defined margins, poorly vascularized at the lower pole. Surgery was performed, with excision of a mass about 10cm in major diameter from the right scrotal wall. Postoperative evolution was good, and the histological diagnosis of primary scrotal lipoma was made. One-year follow-up revealed no local relapse.


Inguinoscrotal hernia, Scrotal lipoma, Scrotal liposarcoma, Scrotal magnetic resonance imaging

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