Published: 2018-07-24

A comparative study of pyeloplasty in children with and without stenting

Pranav Jadhav, Adarsh Hegde, Dhananjay Vaze


Background: PUJ obstruction is the most common among the major obstructive pathologies in pediatric patients. The study aims to compare the benefits and drawbacks of stentless pyeloplasty in pediatric population with routine DJ stent insertion.

Methods: Data was collected for operated cases of PUJ obstruction and categorised into those who had DJ stent in situ and those without DJ stent. Complications associated with both these approaches was systematically assessed.

Results: In patients with DJ stent in situ the perinephric drain was minimal and hence most of the patients had their drain removed on the 2nd or 3rd day. In those patients without DJ stent in situ, the average duration for removal of drain was prolonged to about 7 days.

Conclusions: Routine use of Ureteric stenting with DJ stent in this series of patients was associated with decreased hospital stay and morbidity in patients without DJ stent.


Anderson hynes, Double J stent, Pyeloplasty, Paediatric, Perinephric drain

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