Conduct of doctor: court takes a serious view

Puneet Setia, Raghvendra Singh Shekhawat


The cases of alleged medical negligence are being reported increasingly day by day and already it has become a great problem for medical professionals. In this context the recent verdict passed by the supreme court of India in the case Dr. P.B. Desai vs. state of Maharashtra & ANR on 13-9-2013 needs special mention. The verdict states that the conduct of the doctor is paramount while discharging his duties as caregiver. 


Conduct of doctor, Court, Empathy

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A. Sikri. Dr. P. B. Desai vs. State of Maharashtra & Anr. Supreme court of India, Criminal Appeal No. 1432/2013, (Arising Out of S. L. P. (Crl.) No. 9568, 2012. Available at: Accessed 13 September 2013.