Nodular fasciitis: a rare case report type of article

Bapuji S. Gedam, Quraysh S. Sadriwala, Nikita J. Kulkarni


Nodular fasciitis is defined as a benign and reactive fibroblastic growth extending from the superficial fascia into the subcutaneous tissue or muscle. It is a rare benign neoplasm most commonly afflicting the soft tissues of upper extremity followed by trunk, head, and neck. It accounts for 0.025% of all pathologic diagnosis. We report a case of a swelling over the right scapula which on cytology examination was diagnosed as a benign spindle cell lesion. It was subsequently confirmed to be an intramuscular nodular fasciitis on histopathological examination.


Infiltrative fasciitis, Nodular fasciitis, Pseudosarcomatous fasciitis, Pseudosarcomatous fibromatosis

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