Fine needle aspiration cytology versus trucut biopsy in the diagnosis of breast cancer: a comparative study

Shashirekha C. A., Rahul Singh R., Ravikiran H. R., Sreeramulu P. N., Krishna Prasad


Background: Most diseases of the breast present as a palpable mass. The majority of breast lesions are not malignant, and most benign lesions do not progress to cancer; however, the accuracy of diagnosis can be increased by a combination of preoperative tests like physical examination, mammography, fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), and Trucut needle biopsy (TGNB) or core needle biopsy (CNB). FNAC has grown in popularity and became the first initial used procedure after history taking and clinical examination for diagnosis of solid and cystic breast lumps. This study was designated to investigate the accuracy of FNAC in comparison to TCNB for diagnosis of breast masses, Design: Retrospective Study.

Methods: In this study, 62 patients having breast lumps were studied during the period from January 2014 to January 2017 in terms of FNAC and Trucut Biopsy and were compared with tissue diagnosis. Variables like age, marital status, duration, size, menstrual status and site were analyzed using statistical analysis.

Results: Out of 62 patients with breast lump, 32 were diagnosed with Benign Breast lesions, and 30 with malignant lesions. Sensitivity of FNAC and TRUCUT biopsy were 84.34% and 97.1% respectively. TRUCUT was more accurate when compared to FNAC.

Conclusions: Both FNAC and Core Needle Biopsy are complimentary to each other and are useful in diagnosis of breast lesions.


Breast lump, FNAC, Mammography, Malignancy, Trucut biopsy, Tissue diagnosis

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