Abdominal cocoon, a rare cause of intestinal obstruction: a case report and literature review

Alaa Sedik, Mufid Maali, AbdelMajid ElShamary, Fahed ElShamary


Abdominal cocoon syndrome or sclerosing encapsulating peritonitis is a rare condition that indicates that a part or whole small bowel is encased in a fibro collagenous membrane or cocoon leading to acute or chronic bowel obstruction. Approximately 50 cases have been reported in literature. Patients usually present with a picture of bowel obstruction and most cases are diagnosed during laparotomy. Herein, we present a 31 years old Indian male presented with symptoms and signs of acute small bowel obstruction that proved to be due to an abdominal cocoon intraoperatively. Our patient underwent resection with stapled side to side anastomosis. He was readmitted again with a single intraperitoneal collection; near the anastomotic site; that was managed percutaneously. He was discharged in a good condition and was seen later in the surgery clinic free of symptoms. Early diagnosis with radiological guidance and surgical intervention may reduce morbidity of the condition. 


Abdominal cocoon, Intestinal obstruction

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